Welcome to official blog for The Hand Dyed Yarn Swap. This is a fun swap where we hand dye yarn for our swap partner. Sign-ups for Round 4 are now open. We also have links for buying undyed yarn and supplies as well as tutorials for dyeing yarn.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

One More Day!

Tomorrow is the last day of sign-ups for round 2 of The Hand Dyed Yarn Swap. We have 26 participants so far.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


24 hours into sign-ups for round 2 and we already have 15 participants!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Yarn Swap Questionnaire - Round 2!

1. Name and mailing address:
2. Website/blog (if you have one):
3. Ravelry username (if you have one):
4. Email Address:
5. Have you ever dyed yarn before?
6. What are your favorite colors for sock yarns?
7. Are there any colors you really don’t like?
8. What weight of yarn do you like to use to knit your socks? (Fingering, Sport, Worsted, etc.)
9. Are you allergic to any fibers?
10. Do you like your sock yarn variegated, solid or striped?
11. Do you have a fiber/blend preference for your sock yarn? (examples: merino/tencel, wool/nylon, 100% merino, no preference)
12. Would you like the yarn you receive to be superwash?
13. Have you participated in any other swaps? If yes, which one(s)?
14. What other hobbies do you have besides knitting/crochet?
15. What’s your favorite candy?
16. Do you have pets? Kids?
17. Is there anything else you would like your swap pal to know about you?

Send answers to yarnswap@intergate.com no later than october 31st if you want to participate in round 2.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

phew, finally!

It took a while but I finally got my package from Gina - two skeins of funky purple-and-brown sock yarn, some absolutely nifty stitch markers, a Vancouver Island magnet, 2 postcards, and some popcorn-on-the-cob! (Very appropriate for Thanksgiving!) Can't wait to get this stash knitted up! Thanks, Gina!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wrapping Things Up

There are still two of you who have not received yarn if my records are correct. Both pals have emailed me and told me your yarn was on the way. The emails were sent last week or before so here's what i'm going to do. Anyone who has not received yarn by the end of this weekend, please let me know and I will assign an angel to send you yarn.

I will open sign-ups for the next round of the swap sometime next week. Anyone who flaked on this round will, obviously, be banned from participating in future rounds of the swap. I'm going to assign partners next time too, hoping to add some accountability. So you will send yarn to the same person who is sending yarn to you. It looks like we'll be doing sock yarn again unless the poll results change in the next week.

Thanks to everyone who participated. There's some great looking yarn out there!


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Last but not least

at least I think I'm last...

Lovely blue and green yarn arrived today from Sally, along with six very cute stitch markers and a set of knitting beads - I think I see stitch markers in my future...
Thanks Sally!

Thank You Susan!!!

Susan offered to be an angel for me and look at the lovely yarn she sent ... absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you so much Susan.