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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My beautiful yarn

This is the yarn that Marti sent me. It is Kona Superwash,100% Superwash Wool from Recycled Silk. I managed to drop in in a way that I got it a bit tangled up, but Hubband said he would help me get it untangled and wound into a ball this weekend. I am looking forward to knitting with this wonderful softness!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Coffee House Blues

Bridget http://caffeinatedknitter.wordpress.com sent me self-striping yarn she dyed turquoise and brown. It is really stunning yarn--and my very first hand-dyed, self-striping yarn!! I can't wait to start knitting it up--Jaywalkers, here I come!
The package was so creatively put together--Bridget sent the yarn inside this coffee cup, and included some Kona coffee (YUM!) and she pre-strung the yarn with Czech glass beads. I am blown away by the carefully themed package.
Bridget has an etsy shop http://yarndulgent.etsy.com that I understand she will be updating with more yarn soon.
Thank you so much Bridget--I really like the entire package and it was just perfect for me!

Thank You Meghan!

I got a wonderful package in the mail today from Meghan! She sent me some beautiful yarn in all of my favorite colors, some much needed tea, and a cute sheep magnet. Here's a pic:

Hand Dyed Yarn Swap

Thank you so much, Meghan! And the tea feels great on my sore throat! :-)

Monday, August 27, 2007

yarn to dye for!

I got this marvelous little package from Angela today! The colors are so much more beautiful than in the picture. She also added a postcard, some wool wash and the darling little matching stitch markers.
AND>>>it all smells yummy!
Thank you so much Angela!

I got my yarn

I just got home from my train trip and found some very beautiful yarn from Marti waiting for me! I will get a picture up later today or tomorrow. Thanks!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Yarny goodness

This lovely hand dyed sock yarn came from Corey of Fired Up Fairy Knits. It arrived this past monday (20 August) and I absolutely love it. I also received some Swedish Fish and Jujubees. The Swedish Fish got eaten very quickly by the Chief and I. The name of the yarn is "English Rose" and will make a great pair of socks to stand out from all my blue and green socks. Corey also has an Etsy store - Fired Up Fairy Knits. I am trying to be a good girl but that Tequila Sunrise is soooo very pretty. Thank you Corey!!! Hopefully my pal will be receiving her yarn shortly as I mailed it this past wednesday and we don't live too far apart.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yay for Pretty Yarn!

So, I recieved my package today and boy was I surprised! My partner, Keitha, not only took time to dye me a beautiful tropical mix of colors on a super soft yarn, but also matched everything in the package to the yarn! How wonderfully thoughtful! She sent along some really yummy expresso truffles, size 1 bamboo dpns (and I was just thinking about getting a second pair!), matching hand-made stitch markers that I can't wait to use, and a matching card all delicately wrapped in great tissue paper!

Overall View:
Look at how well the stitch markers match(!!!!):

Most accurate view of the pretty colors:

Thanks so much! I can't wait to do a swap like this again!!

Deadline Coming Soon ...

I just sent an email to the group about tomorrow's deadline. Please make sure you see the email. I know some of you have had my emails end up in your spam folder. Thanks a bunch! :)

My package arrived!

I received my package a couple of days ago, have just been to busy to post. I love the colors. Thank you so much Margaret!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mea Culpa

Kim -

I'll be getting your package into the mail tomorrow, I'm so sorry it will be late.

(I plead temporary insanity brought on by my best friend's wedding).


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Got my yarn!

I received my yarn today from Barbara! The colors are awesomely bright, something I would totally dye myself. It's hard to see in the pics, the part that looks blue is really mostly teal, along with red and hot pink, some darker teal and shades of purple and fushia. Very cool!

She also sent two pretty postcards and a bar of honey/oatmeal/goats milk soap.

Thank You Barbara! I love it!

I got my yarn!

I got my yarn for the Hand Dyed Yarn Swap yesterday (although I'm just now getting around to posting it.) It came in great shades of purple and white. I'm debating what pair of socks I'm going to knit with it. Is it time for Jaywalkers?

Sarah was my partner, and she was nice enough to include a mix CD with the yarn.

Meanwhile, I'm still untangling my yarn. Actually, that's kind of misleading. Entrelac was nice enough to invite me to her knitting group so she could work on untangling it for me. In fact, she actually took the skein home with her to continue working on it. So it might be a while, but I should be able send mine to Lady O before the deadline.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I'm really impressed ladies. You've dyed some beautiful yarn! And what great goodies you've sent along with it. I'm so happy with how this swap is turning out. Keep it up! :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yay, Yarn!

I got my yarn from Janknit! I love it. It's beautiful shades of greens and purples--my favorite colors. I think I'm going to save it until the middle of winter, because the colors are so nice and summery.
august 2007 023
She also sent some treats:
august 2007 022
See that sneaky toddler hand?

Thank you Cathy!

My yarn is here! I finally made it to the post office to check for your package and it was there!

The timing was perfect; I was very much in need of a treat! Cathy sent me a lovely note, chocolates (I'm hiding them, not sharing with the boys!) stitch markers, beads and hand lotion which is hand crafted near her in addition to YARN!

The yarn is perfect. Lovely shades of blue and teal which are just right and I don't know how she managed it but the yarn is my favorite type: Merino/Silk blend! I love yarns that combine wool and silk, love the sheen, the texture and the drape of them! I plan to design a pattern to knit with these socks, I just have to come up with just the right stitch for the yarn.

Thank you so much Cathy!

Thank You

My yarn came today. I was so excited when I opened our mail box and saw a package there. And look what I found inside.
A calender, At Knit's End by the Yarn Harlot(this is quite funny), 2 bath balls, and my yarn. How yummy is this...
I really love the colors! This picture doesn't do my yarn justice. The shades of blue and green are beautiful. Thank you so much Rachel, the yarn is perfect.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Loving the Yarn!

My lovely hand-dyed yarn from Melissa came today! Hooray!
First the anticipation....

and here it is!

Isn't it purty? The colors are warm but muted, like a soft flannel shirt. And that's exactly what this yarn feels like: so soft to the hand. Mmmm, cozy.

Thanks, Melissa! I love it! This will make some wonderful socks!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Meghan's Yarn Arrived

Okay so this is my pretty Yarn thanks to Sabrina. Thank You so much! Along with it she sent a Needle Holder for Sock DPN's and a set of leafy stitch markers she made for me! So awesome.

So this actually arrived in the mail on Friday, but I was camera-less until the hubby remebered to bring it home from the office. I am so psyched to start knitting some pretty easter socks!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mine Arrived Today!!

I feel so spoiled!! Laura sent me two (count 'em...TWO!) skeins of gorgeous yarn. I can't wait to get my sock needles going! Along with the yarn was a selection of yummies, too! Thank you, thank you, Laura!!! Lots-0-Love, Janet (a.k.a. JanKnit)

Monday, August 6, 2007

My Yarn Came!!

hand dyed sock yarn swap
Originally uploaded by firedupfairy
I got my yarn today from Just Keep Knitting (aka Susan). And I must say, I gasped when I opened the package! The colors are just gorgeous! She did an awesome job! She also threw in a big pack of Gummy Peach Rings and Swedish Fish (i LOVE gummy candy!)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Spotlight on "LEFT HAND PINKIE"

Left Hand Pinkie was created for several purposes, the main being to feature fiber related items to the public. I also wanted a place online that I could call my own. My name is Sheilah and I live in Texas.

I have been into various fiber things for quite some time now. It started out as crocheting and then I discovered novelty yarns and then handspun yarns. Thus began my quest to learn how to spin which evolved into dyeing and processing my own fibers as well. I learned how to spin on a wobbly drop spindle and I remember being insanely proud of my whole 17 yards of yarn. I dyed it red and green and crocheted a tight and tiny 'watermelon' slice and painted on black dots.

Since then it's taken off, I own 3 different wheels but still do the majority of my spinning on my Ashford Kiwi. I wash, dye and card most of the fibers that I spin. I am still learning how to knit and hope to dive into that more in the future. My other interests are wire and bead work, love making jewelry and odds and ins, my pets(1 pug, 3 catsand a turtle right now!), cake decorating, all sorts of fibery things, and spending massive amounts of time internet surfing.

I love color and I love working with color, spinning and dyeing come very naturally to me as if I were born to do this and I hope that I am always able to do so! I love nothing more than to hear from people that have used my fiber or received yarn or stitch markers as a gift,it's a fun way to spread joy.

For anyone in the swap, I'll be giving a 10% discount. Just fill your cart and make a note that you are in the Hand Dyed Yarn Swap and I'll send you an adjusted invoice! Also, all orders over $100 receive free shipping and extra surprise goodies!

Here are some goodies from Left Hand Pinkie. Above is some hand dyed merino and below is some hand dyed and hand spun yarn. Aren't they just gorgeous?!?!