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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Round 4 is on for this summer! Here are the details:
  1. Round 4 will be “Inspired by Pictures” - Your yarn should be inspired by a picture (postcards are okay) and you should include it in your package. Some ideas floating around are your favorite beach or vacation spot, an interesting animal, etc.
  2. We will swap sock yarn again. Enough for an adult pair of socks. Whether you dye one big skein, split it in two or do mini skeins for toes and heels is totally up to you. Feel free to be creative, as long as it’s enough to make an adult size pair of socks.
  3. To sign up, send the answers to the questionnaire above to swappingyarn@gmail.com.
  4. Please make sure you are able to take and post pictures before you sign up. A big part of this swap is this blog. If you don't intend to take and post pictures, please do not sign up.
  5. After I receive your questionnaire, I will send you an invite to this blog or an email if you were already invited in a previous round. That will serve as your acceptance to the swap.
  6. Any questions/concerns/ideas .. please let me know.
  7. Let's have a great summer swap!

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Jan-Knit said...

I LOVE this idea!!