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Monday, September 15, 2008

Angel without a photo - oops!

Yes, it was me who sent a little something to our dear Cathy-Cate. Since I had to dye it up and get it out fast, I couldn't find a photo to suit the needs of the colours I had in mind. So she got yarn but no picture.

I hope she enjoys anyway :-)

Here is a photo of the yarn, from my end. I thought I had a photo of them once re-skeined, but I can't find it! So here is the yarn before reskeining, as seen in Cathy-Cate's photo:

I used a mix of Jaquard Acid dyes and Louet Gaywool Dyes, and used the hand-dipped/dip-dyeing method, rather than kettle-dyeing, to get a repeatable in-the-round colour pattern.


shelly said...

I LOVE THIS YARN! someone else used a combo of jacquard and louets..i didnt know you could combine the two.

Cathy-Cate said...

Thank you for the better picture than mine, Ursa! It really shows the rich dark reds and purples especially. The light was not so good yesterday, or something. Or perhaps it was the photographer!

And I'm glad you shared what the yarn was in your comment yesterday, I wasn't sure. I just knew it was soft and wonderful!

Thank you again!

Ursa said...

yes, you can combine acid dyes - i use Jaquard, Louet Gaywool and Country Classics mixed quite often.

for Cathy-Cate - did i forget to enclose the base yarn info? oops!

it's 65% Superwash Merino, 35% Bamboo, 248 yards per 50gram skein.

Celena said...

Gorgeous colors!

Shelly ... you can mix pretty much anything actually. I've made some really pretty yarn by kettle dyeing with kool-aid and then over-dying (painted sections) with jaquard. That's the beauty of dyeing your own yarn. The possibilities are endless! :)