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Monday, September 8, 2008

From Bridget to Shelly

This was my greeting as i returned home after my evacuation to Texas from Hurricane Gustav.
Thanks for your patience in awaiting my post to this blog. Bridget was inspired by an early morning sunrise photo she took after a long nights work. The sun is just rising and the dark blue sky is fading into the horizon.

The yarn she dyed for me is beautiful; wonderful hues of pink, white, red, and soft purple signalling "a new morning" combined with "end of the day" dark blues and purples. I LOVE the YARN Bridget Made for me! i plan to make a pair of pedicure socks. Bridget also made 5 little silver leaf stitch markers and included them with a butterfly paperweight, breakfast blend coffee, and some handmade peach soap. This was all worth waiting for!

My home never lost electricity and i am OK. This was my first swap ever and i enjoyed it all so much. I think i now have a new hobby: dying yarn. This swap has inspired me. Now i just have to study, drink some breakfast blend, knit, study more; so i can start to earn my first money; money that i will inevitably spend on yarn and more swaps!

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JanKnit said...

Beautiful!! And so glad you're alright!