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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I LOVE this yarn!

Okay I finally figured out how to do this after spending WAY too much time trying to understand how to post a blog before asking for help which Celena was nice enough to provide. I'm so happy with the yarn I received! I'm looking for the perfect sock pattern for it right now and have it narrowed down to 4. Meghan's inspiration was Niagra Falls which was a really unique thing to dye yarn to go with. There was more candy but my 3 year old ate it before I took the photo. She also included a pack of notecards which was really nice. I was really happy with this swap! Thanks Celena and Meghan!


Moa said...

So glad you like it and figured out how to post!!
It was a fun trip to take and fun yarn to dye!

Let me know which pattern, I'd love to see it knit up!

JanKnit said...

Oh, how pretty!!

Moa said...

I dyed this by painting the yarn with Jacquard Acid Dyes. I mixed up the colors and used sponge brushes to paint on the colors then wrapped it up like a burrito in plastic wrap and microwaved it in water to steam set the color.