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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Perth to San Francisco in record time

swap yarn 2

I received my swap package from Christabel on Friday. Wow--what a package! This yarn is amazing--it is honestly the best sock yarn base I have ever seen. And Christabel--you did such a wonderful job dyeing the yarn. It practically glows--I really like the orange. And the sockdown challenge for September is to knit with orange yarn, so the timing is perfect. I'm planning to make Nancy Bush's First sock in Shell Pattern--I'm really looking forward to knitting with this yarn.

swap package

The entire package is very generous--Christabel even included a hand-crocheted peach pin. Home canning peaches is a summer tradition in my family and peaches hold special memories for me. Thank you very much for everything Christabel--it is wonderful and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

swap yarn


JanKnit said...

Beautiful! It really does glow!

shelly said...

i took my yarn out of the skein, dyed it, and the spun it in a ball with a ball winder. please share with me how you and others have died your yarn and then made it back into a skein? i am mesmerized by this beautiful scene in front of me.

s b said...

Shelly--the magic is in reskeining. Do a forum search on Ravelry for reskeining and you will get lots of information. But you don't have to reskein--if the dyed skein isn't a tangled mess, you can just let it dry, twist it up, and leave it as is. I think this orange skein that I got from my pal was not reskeined.