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Friday, August 22, 2008

A little extra info about Christabel's yarn

So here is some info about the yarn I dyed for Christabel (who has already posted below). The second photo below is the "inspiration" photo, of Chestermans Beach near Tofino, on Vancouver Island (I'm in Victoria, on the southern tip of Vancouver Island). It wasn't a postcard but a photo I told when I was there in June. Our family goes there every second year, and I love it! I had planned to print out the photo to include in the package, but my printer would have none of it! So I had to settle with emailing the photo to her, and including it here for all of you to see.
I call the colourway, oddly enough, "Chestermans Beach". I dyed it Kettle-dyeing style, adding a little extra water so that it wouldn't be too dark of colour saturation. I wanted to leave some areas white to show the fluffy clouds in the sky, a little brown and green for the trees and small islands shown, and some sand, and of course, the blues and blue-greens of the sky and sea.

I look forward to seeing the socks later on!



JanKnit said...

It's lovely! The place and the yarn!!

shelly said...

lovely ran and photo i agree.
i have never been able to print a photo with my printer like this either. did you scan the photo in and email it? i need to get my scanner working.

shelly said...

what kind of dye did you use?

Ursa said...

oh, sorry, i used a mix of Jaquard acid dyes and Louet's Gaywool acid dyes.

and i didn't scan the photo, as i don't have a paper copy of it - it's all digital, so very easy to email/upload, etc.