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Sunday, September 14, 2008

An Angel From Canada!

Thanks so much to Ursa, who took pity on my yarn-less state and sent this gorgeous hand-dyed yarn which arrived yesterday afternoon, lighting up a grey day.

In real life, the colors are a little deeper -- my very favorite jewel tones. Beautiful!

She has more similarly lovely yarn and roving at her etsy shop, Roaring Bravado.

Thanks so much, Ursa! I very much appreciate it!


JanKnit said...

Beautiful!! Don't you just love angels?!!

Ursa said...

hey Cathy-Cate,

i'm so glad you like yarn - they're sock twins!

i love that shiny bamboo/merino blend - very soft.

sorry there isn't a picture - i had the colours in mind (after reading your Rav profile and looking at your finished projects), and just couldn't find anything that matched what i wanted for the yarn. and i needed to get it out quickly for you.

and hey, that colourway i did for you - i like it so much that i'm doing it again for my store this week! :-)


Ursa said...

p.s. i'm calling this colourway "Freya" for the Norse Goddess of Sensuality/Sexuality. plus, her daughter, Hnossa's name means "jewel". so love and jewel-tones...works for me. :-)