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Monday, April 21, 2008


Quick post to say I just returned from a 10-day trip last night, and finally the post office had coughed up the package from Heidi Kim which she had mailed about a month ago!


It's awesome!

Here are the pictures now, and all the juicy details.

First, some Norwegian chocolate (mmmm, through sheer willpower as well as lack of time, untouched, you will notice! Then, two, TWO lovely skeins of not only hand-dyed but hand-spun gorgeous yarn! Heidi Kim and I must have been channeling each other, because the yarn I dyed for her looks like a combination of these two yarns. The shades of purple yarns is a thick and thin spun merino, for which Heidi Kim included the pattern for My So-Called Scarf. A pattern I've been wanting to try for hand-dyed yarn, but the yarn I tried it in was too stiff. This one won't be! It is so soft.

But not as soft as the blue yarn. Ooooh. See the cute little face on the label?

That's one of Heidi Kim's angora rabbits, and the yarn is 100 % handspun angora!

Wow! I've never had anyone hand spin yarn for me before, and most especially not from their own bunnies! And in my most favorite jewel tone colors! I feel so special.

I think this might become a special lacy scarf; it definitely has to be next to the skin somehow.

So back up to the first picture, she also sent a scenic postcard from Norway with explanations, two pretty stitch markers (and given that there are two, if I don't require them as stitch markers, I can always wear them as earrings!), and blocking pins that are much more lovely than my T-pins!

Wowzers. Totally worth the post office kidnapping and wait. Thank you so much, Heidi Kim!

Cathy (Cathy-Cate)

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