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Monday, April 7, 2008


...this past Wednesday from Jan of Janknits. I was so worried about it as it was taking so long to get here. I still have two other swaps that have yet to arrive and were mailed way before Jan sent hers. She got mine before I received hers and I sent here several days after she mailed me my packge BUT PHEW it arrived at my home intact and safe. What a wonderful package Jan sent me. The color of the yarn is just perfect for me and such deep bright colors.

In addition to the yarn, Jan sent me some coconut tea, beads which I love, and a Lavender Sachet a favorite scent of mine. In fact, as soon as I opened the puffy I could smell the lavender scent. Is this yarn not lovely? AND it is oh so very soft.

Thank-you Jan for the lovely package you sent and being patient until I posted this. Now I will go and post it on my blog which will be be dated Wed as that is when I started that post.


Jan-Knit said...

So glad it showed up! Enjoy the BFL...it's one of my favorites. I also hope you enjoy the sock patterns and the candy treats!!

Penny said...

Oh dear if there was candy I already ate it and it slipped my mind. Refresh please but yes the patterns are ones I don't have and they are on my reading table so I totally forgot to post them but will on my next blog post.