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Thursday, December 27, 2007


WOW I opened my Hand Dyed Yarn Swap 2 package from Tami on Christmas day and what a lovely package it was. Here is a photo of all the goodies I received.
I received coffee which is locally roasted in her city and is a favorite of hers, a glow in the dark Starbucks Travel Halloween mug that that I will save for next year which I can't wait to use, four small packets of Smarties, two stitch markers and a nice card. As you can see Tami sent me NOT one BUT two skeins of yarn she dyed for me. One is red and white called Vampire. AND the second one is called Penny's Colorway and it is pinks and blues. Loverly just loverly!!! Perfect colors for me.Actually both skeins of yarn were dyed perfect colors for me.

AND that is not all I received. I also got a couple of stitch markers that you may not be able to see clearly in the top photo so here is a closer view. I certainly hope there will be another dyed yarn swap as it was so much fun. I only wish my dyeing skills were as good as some you other gals in the swap. I guess with time they will get better, maybe.

Thank-you Tami for the wonderful swap package and for being so patient with me hanging on to it until Christmas day to open. BUT it sure helped make Christmas for me.

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